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Tsuchi is one of the main Character in the manga.He is the son of Harashima and Ayume. he is trained in jujitsu and Takewondo,He is known for being a prodagy across all of japan because of his incredible fighting abilities,brilliant mind and Leadership.


When he was young Tsuchi was known as a prodigy among all of Japan .He despised the leader of the clan council who is the one of the main rulers of Japan who is a ruthless and harsh man, Tsuchi with his younger sister have trained together with also Tsuchi’s friend Drake and Karugi. After deciding to make their own team to assassinate one of the main rulers of Japan, Mitashi and also to make peace they recruited a few other people with special skills. Apart from training and working at his mothers he also attends Karumi High School with his best friend Karugi and his sister Nei and all of his other friends who have join his team for other reasons unknown. He also has made a team for Hardstyle which only a couple of them can do.


Tsuchi has black hair, He has lighter skin than his father Harashima had when he was much younger.His hair hangs over both sides of his face and around his cheeks down to nearly his shoulders.In Tsuchi's appearance he is considered quite handsome by almost all girls near his age at school. Tsuchi's clothing consisted of a white short-sleeved shirt with a raised collar and black jeans or gray shorts. He is also is seen with a furry coat and long black pants.

In his missions he is seen with a long black coat with hoods on them to not shoew his face.